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What happiness to play in bodily movement
With the power aroused by Yoga.
To jump and run, to dance and leap, is more joyful still.

— Milarepa

Saturday February 17th 2pm – 5pm
The Didsbury Parsonage, Stenner Lane, Didsbury, M20 2RQ

Open your heart to life through the practice of yoga and meditation. See how these teachings can offer creative ways of working with your heart and mind in a busy and challenging world. We will explore a combination of flowing movement through a combination of circular and spiral patterns as well as a stilling-style practice, focusing on restorative and meditative practices, working with more subtle energetic aspects of our being.

I will also be introducing some meditation practices: Samatha (for calming & positive emotion). We will also have the opportunity to connect and explore our relationship to our heart and the Manomaya Kosha (The emotional body), looking at how a deeper opening to our emotions and feelings, can bring us more fully into life. We shall also have the opportunity to explore the relaxing practice of yoga nidra.

All workshops are kept small and intimate to allow for greater personal attention.

These workshops are held at The Didsbury Parsonage, a beautiful Grade II listed building set in a magical secret garden.

Full workshop price is £40 / £35 non-refundable, non-transferable.
(Concessions apply to students, the unemployed, OAP’s)