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What happiness to play in bodily movement
With the power aroused by Yoga.
To jump and run, to dance and leap, is more joyful still.

— Milarepa

Saturday 23rd September 2pm – 5pm
Bodywise Natural Health Centre, 16-20 Turner St, Manchester M4 1DZ

We can often live our lives in a state of imbalance, being either over-active or in a state of lethargy and stagnation. During this workshop we will have the opportunity to explore the principles of Yin and Yang yoga.

Learn how to find balance through a mixture of Yang flowing sequences. This is a beautiful flowing practice that focuses on the linear alignment that we find in classical yoga while opening to spiral movements found within nature. We will explore how to find safe alignment and ease in our body while building strength and vitality through this dynamic masculine Yang style approach. We will also explore a Yin-Restorative style practice, focusing on more stilling meditative practices, this approach focuses on more feminine qualities through longer, passive held postures, it aims to relax our musculature and work on the connective tissues, stimulating also our subtle energy systems within the body. Yin-Restorative yoga is a perfect balance to a more ‘yang’ style dynamic practice, and can have a deeply relaxing effect and offer deep peace within the stresses of a busy urban life.

In this appropriately balanced combination, we experience the whole being greater than the parts, offering a practice that addresses our needs more fully on and off our mat.

Full workshop price is £40 / £35 non-refundable, non-transferable.
(Concessions apply to students, the unemployed, OAP’s)

Open to all levels of experience.