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  • The ‘Nature Boy’ who taught us how to Love

    Everyone has a song that we love.  Maybe it evokes particular memories or touches us in some poignant way. One of my favourite songs is Nat King Cole’s ‘Nature Boy’. The story behind ‘Nature Boy’ is one of the most legendary stories of all. It goes something like this. It was 1948 and Nat King
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  • We are all in this Together

    Every Tuesday evening I get the 23 bus to Didsbury in Manchester, to teach my weekly mindfulness meditation class. During the class we explore a number of different meditations. One of the practices that I enjoy sharing is the Metta Bhavana or ‘kindly awareness’ practice. Some of the aims of this meditation practice are to
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  • What no one tells you about being Famous

    My mother likes to recall the story of when my artistic qualities were first spotted. The story goes something like this… When I was a small boy at primary school we were asked by our art teacher to draw a picture of a tree that stood on the edge of the playground. We all dutifully
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  • Soul-Making in our Lives

     Since my girlfriend Elaine died last year, I have enjoyed spending time reading her poetry. Elaine became something of a prolific poet and I was struck by her ability to capture the delicate and fragile nature of life in all its fleeting beauty. Whilst reading her poetry, I was reminded of some lines from a
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  • Make the Ordinary come Alive

    I have just returned from a relaxing and reflective time away at a Buddhist retreat centre in Sussex called Rivendell. The centre took its name from J.R.R Tolkien’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’. Whilst I was there I decided to reread the book. It described Rivendell – the house of Elrond and the magical realm
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Challenging and engaging, stimulating yet relaxing, invigorating yet calming; I always leave Manjunaga’s classes feeling that I have experienced yoga on more than just a physical level.

— Kate Anderton

Inner Peace – Outer Strength – Great Fun

Imagine a calmer life, less stressful. A balanced life, a life of clarity, self-acceptance and contentment. Imagine a more supple, stronger, flexible body – better health.

The benefits of yoga are many. A creative response to life’s challenges, a guide to meaningful understanding and positive engagement with yourself and the world around you.

It’s also great fun and a fantastic way to make new friends.

If you’ve already explored yoga then you’ll understand – the inner calm, the physical strength and enjoyment that it offers. You’ll also know how the style of instruction plays a defining role in helping you achieve those benefits. Choosing the right teacher really matters.

Thank you for your beautiful yoga this morning at Buddhafield. I had forgotten why I loved yoga so much, now I know again.

— Agnese Kruzenberga

Yin & Yang Yoga – More Than Just a Yoga Class

My name is Manjunaga, (‘Manjunaga is a Buddhist name given to me, it means ‘kind ‘wisdom’). I teach Yin & Yang yoga.

I’ve studied yoga and Buddhist meditation for more than 20 years and was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order in 2005. A fully accredited yoga teacher I’ve taught yoga in Manchester full time since completing my yoga training with Simon Low’s Yoga Academy in 2008.

I am a sixty year old rock climber and started attending yoga classes to gain more flexibility. Practising with Manjunaga has certainly improved my flexibility, however he has also shown me that there is more to yoga than that. His classes have helped me improve my physical and mental strength which I am successfully applying to rock climbing and everyday life.

— Mike Watson

Yin & Yang Yoga – A Unique, Balanced Approach to Yoga

Whilst other classes offer a more regimented style I choose to bring deeper, more subtle, personal qualities to my classes. working with the physical body, as well as the subtle energetic, mental, emotional aspects of our being. I engage with my students on a holistic, human level.

I encourage you to explore a deeper experience, a heightened awareness of what it is to be alive, to be human. It’s a rare approach, but a technique that my students clearly benefit from in many ways.

An Open Mind, an Open Heart and an Open Invitation

As kind and complimentary as student testimonials are, the only way to truly appreciate how yoga can improve your life is to experience it for yourself.

You’ve plenty of opportunity – I run classes and workshops in Didsbury, Chorlton and Manchester. I host yoga and meditation weekends in the Lake District and retreats in Scotland. I also offer private tuition.

Do please check the Classes page for times and locations or feel free to call me on 07914 304402 or contact me via the website. I’d be more than happy to explain the many ways that my yoga classes can give you a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life.


Thank you for your beautiful yoga this morning at Buddhafield. I had forgotten why I loved yoga so much, now I know again.

— Agnese Kruzenberga

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